Hoërskool Richardsbaai

Baaitjie Tannie of the Month – Septemeber!

Tannie Eleanor van Schalkwyk

– by Londelwa Sikhosuna and Owenkosi Mayise

You are Awesome!

Q1: In which other teachers class would you like to enrol for a day?

“Mr Pather, I had geography in school and I really liked the way he represented himself and how he made me enjoy the class.”

Q2: If you could pass on any wisdom to the students, what would you share?

“If there is anything you can be, BE KIND TO EVERYBODY!”

Q3: How do you keep the school spirit even in these hard times?

“I firmly believe in God’s Grace. I live in God’s Grace every day of my life. That’s the way we do it!

Q4: So many students admire you. How do you make those connections?

“I care deeply for all the learners. I believe that everyone is equal and no one is superior. There is not one I dislike, even the naughty ones. I consider all of you my children that the Lord gave to me and that is His mercy. I really can’t complain, I adore children and now I have 1000+! If anyone wants to hurt them, they will have to go through me!

You can be anything in the world, but kindness is important and how you brighten other people’s day with a smile. It’s easier to be kind and gentle towards others and I don’t want to see anyone frown. The bond I share with the learners is special, it is the same bond I share with my children and grandchildren. I am truly blessed with all the learners I get to call my children”.